Smart Work Solution[INQ. NO. 1910E25] Smart Work Solution, which is a 4th industrial revolution era ICT core convergence work solution that sets your hands free with a voice recognition function. It is an optimized solution for managing, training and operating main processes of ICT-based smart factories.
As an intelligent mutual communication solution leading the way in the 4th Industrial Revolution, it maximizes work safety and efficiency through a voice-recognition-based hands-free function.
Smart Work Solution provides immediate usability that allows anyone to use it without internal IT experts and a video/voice-base mutual communication function that can eliminate the physical distance between the management and on-site workers.
With its convenient user interface and functions that help users to proceed through each of the work steps, the work efficiency can be maximized. This product is an AR-head-mounted tablet-based solution that prioritizes work safety.
This product is applicable for various fields including manufacturing, maintenance, remote control backup, education & training, military and others to create smart work results.
The product packages are divided into Basic, Professional, Professional N and Enterprise. The main functions of the solution are requesting & checking files, entering work information, learning training materials, capturing and sending the screen, providing mentoring services, reading & verifying QR & barcode and their relevant information, operating & managing equipment, and so forth.
Among its special advantages, the product can support over 30 voice-enabled languages, secure work safety by allowing a worker to freely use both his/her both hands. And, it also supports a high-quality voice input while minimizing ambient noise input thanks to the embedded four digital microphones. In addition, the product guarantees work continuity with high-capacity replaceable batteries of 3250mAh. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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