Smartphone Hub Voice Sharing Solution[INQ. NO. 1910E30] The product that Lui Technology Co., Ltd. introduced at the 2019 KES eliminates the disadvantages of existing Wireless Transceiver products and has smart added value features, which includes three portable, fixed, and voice printers.
In the case of existing wireless transceiver products, there were problems with the sound quality of different frequencies and inter-frequency collisions between countries, even

though they were expensive, and also there are inconveniences of management such as distributing receivers during the event, collecting them again after use, and storing and charging them after collection.
Lui Technology’s Voice Things™ is a live voice sharing device that allows participants to share the speaker’s or guide’s voice in real time just by connecting the web on their own smartphones, without having to distribute a separate receiver to the participants.
The device automatically converts live voice to text for sharing on your smartphone, it also provides an ‘automatic minutes dictation’ function that is sent to each participant by e-mail if necessary, and a ‘real-time text translation’ function that is provided in conjunction with Google API.
As a live voice sharing solution using smartphones that do not require a separate receiver, the applicable fields can be made smart in a variety of areas, ranging from travel agencies, art galleries, museums, duty-free shops, medical tourism, industrial sites, tour guides, schools, institutes and lectures.

Lui Technology Co., Ltd. is planning to pioneer MICE and the related market by diversifying and upgrading voice recognition related products and to expand the application area to digital business such as voice related big data service. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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