Medical Magnifying Glass (JTL Loupe)[INQ. NO. 1910E35] Studies show that more than 80% of dentists are experiencing difficulties with eye congestion, and more than 90% of doctors need or use vision aids. In addition, more than 60% of dentists are suffering from eye fatigue and painful back and neck discs.
This is an occupational disease that occurs because dentists inevitably need to be in a bent position for long periods of treatment time.
Once a neck or back pain occurs, there is a lot of difficulty in treating it permanently. The best way to prevent pain is to work in a correct posture and manage it before it occurs. To this end, the dentists’ associations of advanced countries such as the United States recommend the use of loupes.
MEDIPLUS’s JTL Loupe incorporates the best crystal optic lens and super-multi-layer coating to reduce ghosting and image distortion, providing exceptionally sharp images.

The JTL Flip-up type adopts an ergonomic design to make the wearer’s sense of wear to feel no different from ordinary glasses, and the functionality is enhanced by the hospitals’ favorite protective goggle design.
The JTL Loupe is made of lightweight, high-strength titanium frames for a comfortable fit and there is no deformation even when used for a long time.
The JTL Loupe boasts a wide working distance and excellent depth, making it comfortable and easy for anyone to adjust.
Medi Plus established in 2005 started the first wireless oral camera supply business in Korea. Based on this, it has secured expertise in the fields of optical lens and oral examination and started developing the latest loupe through its own optical design in 2011. It developed an JTL Loupe with a lighter and clearer crystal lens.
Korea mainly imported expensive imported loupes but Medi Plus developed the JTL Loupe. It reduced costs to less than half of imported loupes, and adopted a more refined and lighter frame and barrel. Thus, the JTL Loupe has become a wearable and light loupe loved by Asians.
In 2013, Medi Plus showcased the JTL Loupe at the German IDS Exhibition where the product enjoyed considerable popularity. Currently, the JTL Loupe is duly recognized in more than 20 countries including Germany, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Its exports are on a steady rise. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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