Bone Fixation Plate System and Variable Locking Screw[INQ. NO. 1910E40] Since its foundation in 2000, Jeil Medical Corporation has succeeded in the first localization of screws and plates for craniofacial fractures through the development of its own technology.
Its main product range includes LeForte, an oral and maxillofacial fixation and plastic surgery brand, the LeForte Neuro System for neurosurgery, the Dual Top Anchor System, a dental and orthodontic product and the Arix System, an orthopedic product and the Arix Vet System for veterinary medicine.
Jeil Medical is making products with titanium that does not cause human bodies any harm and has earned good reputations thanks to its excellent technology and quality at home and abroad.
In particular, a variable angle locking mechanism with no limits in being used for intermediate angles from Jeil Medical’s own development is excellent technology that can give a variable of up to 15 degrees. Besides, in the case of screws and screw driver shafts, their pick-up feature is that they do not easily come off like a magnet, proving their high quality.
Plates are made of pure titanium, and are designed to fit the curves of Asian and western people’s bones as they come in various shapes and sizes. Thus, they need little or no additional bending.
Jeil Medical’s plates and screws for all systems from our company have various shapes and sizes, and each system is widely used for different purposes such as maxillofacial, neurosurgery, orthopedic and veterinarian clinics.
Currently, the company is enjoying a large share in the Korean market, and exports products to more than 60 countries.
Its sales are on the rise every year. So, the company won the $10 million Export Tower Prize from the Korean government in 2018. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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