High Heat-Conductivity Aluminum Alloy (NH33)

[INQ. NO. 1910E46] NEDEC Co., Ltd. aims to bring major innovations and efficient massive production technologies to the automotive, data storage, and electronics industries based on its advanced die-casting, stamping, e-coating, and machining technology based on the cutting-edge technology of FDB motor assembly and application skills.
NEDEC’s product portfolio consists of precision automotive parts, mold and electronic & electrical parts.
NEDEC was founded in 1985 with its head office in Pangyo, Korea, with a capital investment of $19 million, and with over 4,000 employees from its group of companies in Korea, China, the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand and the USA.
Based on 30 years of endless passion and challenging spirit, Nedec has earned recognition for its excellence as a total metal solutions provider, operating over 10 offices and plants in Korea and abroad.
Nedec is equipped with every technology and facility for production and provides total metal solutions based on core technologies in die-casting, surface treatment, precision machining and small motor assembly.
Nedec operates a global network that seamlessly connects its headquarters and overseas branches. In China, which has become the core of the Asian market, the Langfang Nedec plant has been supplying electric, electronic and automotive parts to China, Europe and the United States by establishing a fully-automated production system throughout the manufacturing process.
Furthermore, Nedec is securing mold technologies and in-house competitiveness through Tianjin Nedec Mold, which specializes in producing die-cast molds. KODEC Precision, which plays a pivotal role in supplying products to Southeast Asian markets, has established exclusive lines for die-casting, surface treatment and precision machining, and supplies products to electronic and electric industries.
Nedec has established Nedec Thailand to secure precision motor manufacturing technologies.
By operating an assembly line for precision motors used in hard disk drives, drones and robots, Nedec is securing advanced technologies and securing future growth engines. Nedec Vietnam focuses on discovering new clients and supply chain diversification. Nedec America in Illinois is dedicated to expanding its share of the American market. And Nedec Mexico is utilized as the vanguard for supplying automotive parts to the Americas.
Also, NEDEC has developed aluminum alloy which helps heat radiation efficiency. It has almost similar physical features with ADC12 but more efficient in terms of heat emission. It is possible to apply mass-production right away and the technology is optimized for especially die-casting parts such as ECU, Radiator, Heatsink, etc. The technology is protected from the already submitted patent by NEDEC.
Also it maximizes its efficiency for heat-emission by combining with the Black Anodizing procedure, which is one of the core technologies of NEDEC.

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