High Frequency Battery Charger

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E47] Dongeun Charger Co., Ltd. is a company that professionally develops, produces and sells high-frequency, lead-acid battery chargers based on the principle of high frequencies. Dongeun Charger is making every effort to develop not only lead-acid batteries, but also lithium-ion batteries and promote sustainable energy in the future.
Charbes Charger of Dongeun Charger is a high-frequency charger that charges lead-acid batteries. Conventional chargers are trans-type and SCR chargers, but Charbes charges batteries by generating high frequency pulses with IGBT parts. This way cuts charging time and electric charges. At the same time, it makes it easy to maintain and repair the charger and use batteries longer.
Other chargers weigh about 100kg per unit, but Charbes weighs about 5kg to 6kg only, about one twentieth of 100kg. Hence, its light weight makes it easier for women and the elderly to use Charbes. To prove the quality of our products, Dongeun Charger is adopting a method that allows customers to purchase the charger after actually trying it out.
Founded in 2016, Dongeun Charger has been growing with steadily increasing sales. Since 2017, the company has been actively participating in the Int’l Green Car Exhibition, targeting buyers from Vietnam, India, Iran, Poland and Germany.
Currently, buyers of high frequency battery chargers are mainly used electric forklift dealers and the end users are factories using electric forklifts. Dongeun Charger holds two domestic patents (including the design field) and one American design patent. The company is emphasizing a recently acquired CE certificate especially with the aim of strengthening overseas marketing for export.
This year, Dongeun Charger is actively working to develop the overseas markets, based on its domestic foundation with the help of the local KOTRA offices in foreign countries. Starting this year, the company aims to earn much more trust from buyers of the Charbes brand in specific overseas markets, strategically considered by the company.

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