Digital Painting Brush[INQ. NO. 1910E48] Eunsung Ind. Corp., a digital brush manufacturer, developed Korea’s first digital painting brush for painting on capacitive digital products such as the iPad, the Galaxy, and the iPhone.
In 2013, the company launched Korea’s first digital brush, O! Artist Brush, as a stylus. Five years later, it expanded into the digital arts market as well as the mobile accessory market by releasing a retractable digital brush.
Eunsung Industry improved Butouch Pro by changing its natural, hair-like brush head into one with a pointed tip. Accordingly, Butouch Pro users can feel as if they were drawing a picture on a digital canvas with a real paint brush.
The digital canvas is smaller than a real canvas, but users can express their desired pictures by enlarging or reducing the screen. In addition, Butouch Pro has the advantage of minimizing its abrasion with a device for the safe use of digital devices.
Butouch Pro is worth trying out among students who are very much interested in webtoons or painting as a tool necessary for art classes in school education which is being digitized.
The brush touch digital brush, which can be used any time without battery or charging, is strongly recommended for children as an art game for those exposed to smartphones or tablet games on the go or at home.
The product does not require battery or charging. Eunsung Industry recommendS you to try out your favorite drawing apps from the APP Store. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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