Smart Wireless Stethoscope[INQ. NO. 1910E50] Smart Wireless Stethoscope is a new-concept product based on an interesting idea for innovation. The product has a built-in stethoscope function for diagnosing heart and lung sound, a thermometer function to measure temperature, and an oxygen saturation function to measure the amount of oxygen in an animal or human body. It can also check heart rates automatically.
With the Smart Wireless Stethoscope, doctors can directly listen to the cardiac and pulmonary sounds of the human bodies and take a look at the stethoscope waveforms and spectrograms in color on smartphones. It is a system that checks health conditions through body temperature and oxygen saturation figures.
The Smart Wireless Stethoscope can work for auscultation and measure pulse rates and body temperatures and oxygen saturation figures in real time. Heart conditions can be checked through the waveform analysis and spectrograms of the heart and lung sounds during auscultation.
Smart Wireless Stethoscope is very light (120g) and only 153mm in size. Therefore, the product is easy to use. In addition, a built-in rechargeable battery can run for a long time — more than 50 hours.The Smart Wireless Stethoscope can check the health condition of a person with the application for people and those of an animal with the application for animals.
The product can diagnose and confirm the health conditions of animals and people when they suffer sudden heart diseases. It enables telemedicine through a network.
The Smart Wireless Stethoscope allows people and animals to receive medical services regardless of time and space and is a very economical and valuable product.
The product is loaded with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged through a USB. To minimize power consumption, it automatically goes off when it is not in use for three minutes or longer. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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