Bone Making Machine[INQ. NO. 1910E19] Korea Dental Solution Co., Ltd. is a specialized company focused on the most latest technology especially bio material combined with automation system. It has been introducing its product and service since 2014 to world-wide market and receiving good reputations from many countries.
Korea Dental Solution’s “BonMaker” is using patient’s extracted teeth to produce autogenous quality bone graft material within 20 minutes in full automation process for dental implant surgery or any related treatments as restoring defect site of alveolar bone. The material from BonMaker(“ATB”(Auto-Tooth Bone)) is made by patient’s own teeth and it shows perfect biocompatibility, safety, effectiveness and fully remodeling to new bone within shortest time.
And it has much less bone resorption trouble compare to any other commercialized bone graft material. BonMaker is is the world’s first full automation device for producing autogenous bone graft material using patient’s teeth. This device is acquired medical CE certificate(class 2b) and ISO13485.
Korea Dental Solution is an enterprise specialized in auto-tooth bone graft material. It means making the graft material for treatment of the bone in the gums with the teeth which are no longer available and should be extracted, and it is leading the technology in the industry. Korea Dental Solution has developed various types of auto-tooth bone graft material with its unique technology in order to overcome the limitations of existing graft materials for treatment of bone in the gum and to improve the implant function. When a dentist asks Korea Dental Solution for work by sending the teeth, the company completed the graft material for treatment of the patient’s bone gum after 10 days of processing.
Many foreign dentists who have experienced the excellent clinical results of the auto-tooth bone graft material are requesting the technology to be introduced to their country. Bonmaker (bone making machine), developed to meet such needs, is the first and unique machine in the world to automatically process teeth into graft material for treatment of bone in the gums anywhere, anytime.
Korea Dental Solution has acquired patents in China and the USA to protect the intellectual property right of the original technology. It also acquired a medical device license in Europe in 2016 and is actively changing the paradigm of graft material for treatment of bone in the gum all over the world. The company plans to enhance its position by organizing a unique global dentist network on the subject of auto-tooth bone graft material. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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