Ceramic Bracket (S-Line™)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E02] BIOCETEC Co., Ltd., which started its business in 2012 as a specialized R&D company of dental living body ceramic materials, has recently consecutively released a series of orthodontic products, based upon three years of intensive R&D activities.
Starting with the release of Bio-Track, a mini implant for straightening irregular teeth, in 2015, BIOCETEC unveiled C-Line™, a ceramic bracket, in 2016, S-Line™, an all ceramic self-ligation bracket, in 2017, and all new S-Line R™ in 2018.
BIOCETEC has been creating new waves in the local orthodontic market, based upon such consecutive performances.
BIOCETEC has set its goal of growing into a company that leads the global dental market by consecutively investing in the development of world-class products in order to meet the demands of global top-class Korean orthodontists.

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