Flexible Piezoelectric Sensor Element

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911E01] INITECH’s flagship flexible piezoelectric sensor element is a product made by using flexible piezoelectric fiber composite material.
INTECH usually manufactures piezoelectric sensor element by using piezoelectric ceramic inorganic fiber and epoxy organic material. With the manufactured piezoelectric sensor element, the company produces wearable piezoelectric sensors and elements.
Based on such performance, the company produces an electronic mitt for taekwondo, develops LPWA telecom/sensor modules, and develops independent-power type IoT delineator systems.
INTECH developed an original technology of bendable sensor, an essential component of wearable electronic devices. The company’s flexible piezoelectric sensor element utilizes output voltage in even micro modification. It is widely used for sensors and actuators.
This product enables the manufacturing process technology of wearable composite elements to be used as a platform technology, by being actively connected with the flexible electronics industry.

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