Handheld Broadcaster – Voice Things™ Storybook Edition

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E25] Voice Things™’ is a new concept smartphone-based voice-sharing device introduced in the market in July 2019 by Lui Technology Inc. after two years of a development period to address the inconveniences from the previous wireless transceivers or wireless microphones.
Existing wireless transceivers have some inconveniences such as different frequencies among nations, conflict of frequencies, low-quality sound due to the FM radio system, and others. In particular, it is inconvenient to manage wireless receivers as they have to be distributed before events then collected, charged and stored afterwards. Furthermore, the hygiene issue of the earphones is not negligible.
Lui Technology’s Voice Things™ is a voice-sharing smart device for attendees to listen to the voice of lecturers or guides through their own smartphones by setting up the Wi-Fi and access the website without handing separate receivers out to them.
Lui Technology’s ‘Voice Things™’ is going to have a brand-new look in late 2019. The ‘Storybook Edition’ will be presented for professionals including guides, culture tourism interpreters, curators, curators, and teachers.
This new product, planned to be launched in December through the Wadiz crowd funding, will more than double the number of simultaneous smartphone logins from 14 to 30. It also has the outward features of the audio-book styles with the concept of a storybook to contain personal memories.
The company is planning to increase the range of options for customers to choose from by adding the POD (Print on Demand) for them to decorate the product’s exterior with their own favorite images while offering the product at a more rational price. Please remember the wadiz crowd funding ‘Handheld Broadcaster – Voice Things Storybook Edition’ is to be launched on December 1st.
Lui Technology will advance into MICE and relevant markets by diversifying and upgrading products related to voice recognition and expand into voice-related digital businesses.

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