3NS Kinesiology Tape/Protect Tape

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E24] 3NS Kinesiology Tape from TS Co., Ltd., a sports tape manufacturer, helps the circulation of lymph and blood under the skin, and the nervous system in the human body.
The tape is used for the treatment of sports injuries and taping therapy to relieve pain.
Muscle protection tape protects muscles, prevents sports injuries, relieves pain, enhances muscle strength and corrects body shape, and prevents secondary injuries. They are used for medical and orthodontics in various fields.
TS’s new 3NS Protect Kinesiology Tape is a Korean elastic tape designed with elasticity and thickness similar to those of skin and muscles. It features the same functions as current sports tapes, but forms are attached to the product to protect the human body and muscles from external pressure.
Also, when attached to the human body, the tape becomes stronger so it can support weak parts for medical purposes.
TS is an unrivaled company in Korea with the ability to complete entire processes from product development to taping manufacturing, research, and sales. It can produce products for other brands by utilizing designs and packages.
Along with these OEM tapes, the company produces a variety of products including roll tapes, precut tapes, and guard precut tapes.
The R&D team in the company’s own manufacturing plant is dedicated not only to developing new products but steadily carrying out research on the characteristics and chemical properties of products.
In addition, TS met the certification requirements of the CE, the FDA, the KFDA, the ISO13485 and the ISO9001, testifying that the company produces high-quality products.

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