Substation Automation System[INQ. NO. 1910E23] Yousung Instrument & Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, develops key components of the electric power industry including incoming panels, distribution panels, relays, substation automation systems and condition monitoring systems that are essential for the construction of next-generation electrical grid with green smart technology.
Quality optimization through the development of high-end technologies, process rationalization and continuous investment in equipment and facilities are the main driving forces of the rapid growth of Yousung.
Furthermore, Yousung Instrument and Electric has established a strong R&D center as part of its commitment toward enhancement of R&D capability to develop next-generation power equipment, while fully committed to analyzing and researching customers’ needs and providing systems tailored to each environment to realize the finest and most flawless products.
This digital substation operation system acquires all kinds of monitoring, control, measurement, and protection data from IED and RTU, and then delivers to the operator the information related to all the relevant situations of power facilities through the visual method. It also delivers control commands, which are generated by the operator, to the RTU or IED, making it possible to control power facilities.
Substation Automation System makes it possible to communicate with IED and RTU with IEC 61850 CLIENT and KEPCO DNP 1.0 communication modules. Also, this system imports SCL files and functions efficiently as it is able to set communication composition with IED. The data (measuring instrument, condition, and warning light) with graphics can be shown on a single screen.
Therefore, users are able to monitor the facility system very easily. Furthermore, event history and main information on the related system can be printed through the connected printer.
If a trouble wave record is found, the Substation Automation System will fully analyze and be able to fix it automatically until it is settled. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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