Intelligent Motion Controller[INQ. NO. 1911E06] Sejong Newtech’s advanced intelligent motion controller is a product that controls intelligent robots or standalone automation equipment that is required to be applied at smart factories and smart farms, based upon technologies of control and measurement, motion control, and software.
The intelligent motion controller is made with various competitive functions such as PLC, sequence motion control, 12 different analogue and location data-based data analyses and decisions, ethernet communications, serial communications, etc.
For displaying of such notable functions, the intelligent motion controller has two channels of 24bit ADC, one channel of 16 bit DAC, DC 24V DIO four channels for industrial equipment, and high-speed interaction control, ethernet communications port, and RS232 & RS485 serial communications ports.

In particular, this, as a small-sized controller, has a compact size (68*54*100mm) and thus can be conveniently installed and operated in a narrow space. Also, as this product has a one axle or two-axle motion-control function, it is highly effective in realizing simple standalone automation equipment in the spot.
This product, which is now being sold with a DC transformer that can variably be amplified up to 15,000 times, can help customers develop intelligent devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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