Smart Laser Marker[INQ. NO. 1911E05] Materon Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in consulting on manufacturing processes and in providing solutions, by integrating laser processes (marking, micro-cutting, soldering, micro-joining, laser cleaning), which are based upon technologies of laser, robot, and vision control, with sensors, robots, and control equipment.
The smart laser marker manufactured by the company, using 3D controlling, enables marking the targets with different focus including curved surface, sloping side, etc., and with a wide area.
With the equipped computer vision system, this smart laser marker traces a certain location and then carries out marketing and processing. This product allows integrated control-based system management by being connected with the upper level of the process information system.

By using such various laser light sources as fiber laser, UV laser, Co2 laser, etc., this product performs marking process on various materials like steel, wood, glasses, plastic, etc., and thus providing customized optimal solutions for customers’ needs in their manufacturing processes such as automotive parts, packaging, electronics, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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