NanoJet Series (300S, 450S, 600S)[INQ. NO. 1911E04] NanoJet Series (300S, 450S, 600S) are Micro-Flow Technology’s current flagship product and are precise fluid dispenser equipment.
They show outstanding performances, fully covering everything from PL (Pico Liter) to mL, from low viscosity to high viscosity.
These products carry out various precise operations including slide glass discharge,discharge of designated volume, maintaining of discharge distance, arraying element number, etc., and thus carrying out multi-channel temperature control including heating and cooling, by taking advantage of the precise control of location and using the digital temperature sensors.

With the embodiment of integrated control by using the C#-based Window UI program, the product permits the user to easily control it. And the user can control this product by simultaneously connecting multiple ports into a PC by applying RS485 port. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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