Automation Equipment[INQ. NO. 1911E30] As a specialist in the industrial automation equipment market, RS Automation has been providing automation products to global market for 30 years and was re-launched with a new brand name in January 2010.
RS Automation’s brand includes a diverse product line developed based on extensive experience in the development and sales of factory automation equipment. RS Automation handles a diverse product line including PLC controllers, AC servos, network multi motion controllers, network-based distributed I/O, touch panels, PCS (Power Conversion Controllers) and robot controllers.

This has network protocols such as EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP, as the international standard industrial networks. It allows customers to easily respond to the Ethernet-based network environment in the industry sites and configure the network between heterogeneous systems.

CSD7 series
This can be applied to high-precision & high-speed equipment (Carving machine, CNC, Chip mounter) as well as simple equipment that requires just movement.

This is the real-time motion controller based on a network that supports various motion profile and functions

MVC Series
MVC series is a motion, vision and compact controller that can be applied flexibly and quickly to any equipment with differentiated speed vision function.

V9+, W8+ Touch Panels
These have high-resolution display of 65,536 colors without blinks but also with various expandability such as 8-way communication, serial connection three ports (RS-232C/485).

Machine I/O(DS60/ EC60)
DS60 series allows simple configuration of open type control systems with global standard, DeviceNet specifications. EC60 series allows easy configuration of various control of PC, PLC and stand-alone controller. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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