Automotive Electronic Components[INQ. NO. 1912E16] HS Corporation Co.,Ltd., the leading inductor company that pioneered and led the Korean electronic parts market, has strived to advance into the global market by combining new technologies and creativity together during the past 10 years. HS is working hard on developing new products including S/W transformers, SMD power inductor, bar choke coil, line filter, and peaking coil based on the best technical skills.
HS is expanding its business range to include automobile parts by acquiring the AEC_Q200 certificate, and establishing professional sales manpower for entry into overseas markets beyond the domestic industry. HS contributes to domestic and foreign electronic industries through competitive prices and reliable quality control, while striving to advance as a global company through overseas market development.

Bar Choke Coil (AEC-Q200)
This blocks relatively high frequency current but transmits direct current or relatively low frequency current only. This product’s main features include high saturation current, maximum 150° of service temperature (temperature may be higher depending on the take outline), and variable high magnetic saturation. Customized design is available.

SMD Power Inductor (AEC-Q200)
This product’s function is to stabilize current supply and noise removal. This maximizes power conversion efficiency and is used for electrical device modules in automobiles. This power inductor is designed for a size as small as possible and high performance, and is an ideal for DC-DC conversion, as it has high energy capacity and very low resistance.

Power Transformer
This is a part that raises or reduces input and output voltage, and is installed in the power supply. It has excellent impact resistance and damage-free durability with metal coating on the ferrite core, and reduces leakage flux and electromagnetic wave interference (EMI) with the enclosed magnetic circuit design The steel-based metal core for this transformer provides large saturation current, and high quality is guaranteed with automated production. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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