Banknote Sorters[INQ. NO. 1912E10] KISAN Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that manufactures specialized financial business equipment managing banknotes all over the world. Banknote Sorter, which is one of its major items, is a product that has the function of distinguishing and detecting fake or counterfeit banknotes and sorting damaged banknotes, such as old, stained, mutilated, torn, holed, and washed ones, beyond simply counting the the value by recognizing denominations of the banknotes.
The products of KISAN Electronics are exported to over 60 countries around the world and used wherever banknotes banknotes are distributed, such as CIT (Cash in Transit), currency exchanges, casinos, retail markets as well as banks. KISAN makes a lot of investment in R&D in order to provide a total solution for detecting counterfeit bills of the world and, by extension, managing cash handling efficiently.
Over 150,000 units of the NEWTON series have been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide and it was selected as a world-class product in 2011. It is a compact-sized two-pocket counter which is the world’s bestselling product in the same product line. It can distinguish over 80 denominations of banknotes and stores the counting information, etc. thereby improving the efficiency of financial business. It is mainly used at the customer contacts such as by bank tellers, currency exchanges, retail markets, etc.
In spite of its compact size, this product has improved the distinguishing capacity with the equipped high-performance sensor and it is useful for the central office to comprehensively manage the counting information and maintenance of the product.
K5, a premium multi-pocket counter, was selected as a product of Korea Good Design in 2015. Although it is of semi-medium size, the product is of vertical type to be able to handle lots of banknotes efficiently in a narrow space (small footprint and heavy duty) and a 7-inch color LCD display provides convenient usability in various places and service environments.
It can distinguish over 10 denominations of banknotes at a time and its maintenance is easy. It is a high-performance product mainly used at the cash center or back office of the bank where many banknotes are handled. In particular, K5 is used in diverse environments, such as casinos, retail markets, etc. as it can recognize checks, vouchers, casino bills (TITO), as well as banknotes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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