Diagnostic Radiography Systems

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912E12] DRGEM Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diagnostic radiography systems, specializing in high frequency X-ray generators, conventional radiography systems, and digital radiography systems.
DRGEM’s products have CE, FDA, CSA and USTC certification, and are currently being exported to over 80 countries and 100 distributors. Last year the company produced over 2,500 units of diagnostic x-ray systems and 3,000 generators units, making the company the world’s biggest X-ray machine manufacturer. The following is its line-up of medical x-ray devices:
Full auto positioning DR system (GXR-SD Ceiling type) is a premium ceiling system for high-end market. It is high efficiency with optimized work-flow and has several patient safety sensors. The highlight of this system’s feature is multiple image stitching for stand and table.
Digital Radiography System (GXR-SD Floor-mounted type) is highly customizable digital radiography system. It has auto-synchronization, bucky auto-tracking, stitching function and touch screen console for system/collimator/X-ray parameter control. Optional features includes AEC, DAP meter and carbon tabletop.
U-arm DR System (Diamond) is a fully automatic digital radiography system. It has a touch-screen console for system control, collimator control, X-ray parameter control and X-ray image preview.
The highlight of this system’s feature is automatic system positioning with several safety sensors.
Mobile DR system (TOPAZ) is a motorized radiography system with movement speed of 5 km/h. It has several safety features such as safety bumper, brake and status LED Indicator. It has wide LCD touch screen and imaging software for optimized user experience. The extra storage compartment, attached on the back, can be used for detector and other auxiliaries.
Portable mobile DR System (JADE) has a high frequency X-ray generator with 4kW power and 100kHz.generator frequency. It is only 53.5kg including X-ray unit, collimator & stand and can be fitted to any standard cars.

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