Digital Signage Platform[INQ. NO. 1912E21] With installation of INFOS’ digital signage platform DONSTOP, your show window can be turned to transparent / opaque mode for advertising. It has earned praise as the most intense ad performance, eye-catching display for retail stores. Through developing an advertisement editor (=web service), non-specialists can easily edit and play advertisements through “Web Editor.”
The advertisement is stored in the application of the projector control box (called a Psc-box) developed by the maker, and the advertisement is displayed through the projector by the designated schedule or effect. The Psc-box controls the output and hardware devices via wired communication (LAN), wireless communication (Wi-Fi). The advertisement is displayed on the smart film by showing the advertisement result stored in the application after turning on the projector.
Increased advertising performance is possible by controlling smart film (Transparent / Opaque) and projector mode (On /Stand-by). It can control advertisements via mobile application or Web (IOT functions). Using smart film, it is usually transparent, but it is the same as normal display condition, but when the power is turned on, the window becomes opaque and the advertisement is displayed through the projector. This can be used as an advertising effect to increase viewers’ awareness of the advertisement and to maximize the effect.
Infose provides opportunities to experience marketing strategies and effects that were available only in professional media with differentiated advertising methods that can draw attention and attention to the people in front of the store.
Infose Inc. is a leading company in South Korea for online bidding management. It has been designated as a high-technology company certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a patent system and technology of bid-related systems.
The future of INFOSE is always in a state of the art that you could never imagine, so it always make high-tech tools that anyone can use and get in touch with so that customers can do better. And using these technologies, these will give you more opportunities to win in the future. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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