LED Lights

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912E14] BSL Lighting has grown into a global organization that has developed systemic organizational skills and world-class information, based on semiconductor sales, technology know-how and regional offices that have been developed over 30 years. It is committed to improving the development of LED lights and the foundation of low-carbon green energy.
The company’s main products are interior lamps (downlight, panel light, high-bay) and outdoor lights. In order to be a reliable company, it will select only products that have been developed through 30 years of semiconductor experience. BSL Lighting has a wide range of global clients worldwide through its offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India.

Satellite Ultra (High Bay), Satellite HD (High Bay) and TK1 (High Bay)
Powerful and highly efficient, BSL Lighting’s Satellite Ultra high bay shines at 150lm/W. Its optics are engineered for effectiveness and precision, bringing uniform lighting to the most unique spaces. Lightweight and versatile, it is able to adapt to a variety of installations with rotatable brackets and eye-bolt mounting options. With these possibilities, the Satellite Ultra is suitable for high-ceiling buildings, airport halls, outdoor construction fields, and so forth.
Satellite HD possesses a cutting-edge, streamlined aluminum and magnesium alloy die-cast which is tremendously strong, and lighter than average fixtures.
Boasting its IP65 rating, Satellite HD’s environmentally sealed pocket PCs protect the light from dust ingress and is capable of withstanding rain/water invasion from all directions. Highly efficient Cree chips deliver superior performance for the high-intensity Satellite HD LED high bay.
TK1 LED High Bay has an optimum heat sink design that generates airflow to avoid dirt accumulating on the fixture. The separate gear stops heat from driver influence to allow for ultimate thermal management. TK1’s precise lighting distribution permits various installation heights and application use.

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