Real-Time Production Information System[INQ. NO. 1912E37] The production information system that Ari InfoTech Inc. is establishing will collect and analyze production information on a real-time basis to provide useful information for managers to efficiently manage the production at sewing factories that produce clothes, shoes, bag and others home and abroad.
Due to various and complicated operation processes, it was not easy to collect operation information in a sewing factory. However, the problem has been addressed through ARI-AM, an IoT module, which is attached onto a sewing machine to get real-time data. In order to solve the problem where locations of sewing machines change depending on types of products, ARI-COM, an IoT module that recognizes location, has been developed and supplied.
ARI-AM and ARI-COM are attachable modules that are compatible with sewing machines of various brands and are very affordable when installing them.
While existing attachable products are able to create data errors as workers have to enter information on operation processes by themselves, ARI-AM automatically collects data by utilizing its sensor signals without any human intervention. The automatically-collected data is automatically analyzed by an analysis program in the server before being provided as information. Thanks to the module, workers can focus on their jobs, instead of collecting data anymore. As such, the module has maximized data reliability by excluding any possibility of human errors being created when entering data on production processes.
Information that has been automatically collected and analyzed is provided to managers by utilizing Smart Signage in various forms of graphs and tables.
The development of ARI-TAB, which utilizes QC function and QR code to immediately identify on-site working line process information, is about to be completed and is expected to be launched for the commercial use from January 2020.
In addition, Ari InfoTech Inc., as a partner of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), is planning to provide various smart factory technologies that KITECH has developed for sewing factories. The company also has a plan to commercialize the AR-based system that checks and remotely manages on-site production information from early 2020. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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