Simultaneous Radio Devices

[INQ. NO. 1912E19] INSOPACK Co., Ltd. was established as a venture company by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and specializes in the R&D of wired and wireless communication devices. The headquarters is located in Daejeon, South Korea, and it has offices in Gumi (Research Institute/Factory), in Suwon (Central Technical Institute), and in New Jersey, United States (Overseas office).
INSOPACK’s INSOPACK ACRO is a series of simultaneous radio devices designed, manufactured, and marketed by INSOPACK. The INSOPACK ACRO devices are digital radio systems that can be classified as full-duplex systems, half-duplex systems, and accessories.
There are few common technologies in its products. Firstly, they communicate via an ad-hoc network, and can increase the communication range via auto-relay function up to three hops. They do not require any installation of base stations or repeaters. Secondly, they are equipped with a highly secure algorithm system, AES-256 or AES-128, and have an IP rating of IP67 or IP54. Thirdly, they use an all-master function, unlike the standard master-to-slave function. Even if one device is damaged or lost, it will not affect the communication network between the remaining radios. They can also be customized to meet special requirements for the military, police, special forces, security guards, subway, construction sites, and more.
Under the full-duplex systems, it includes handheld devices (ACRO-S/SM. ACRO-PRR) and a headset radio (ACRO-ANC). The ACRO-S/SM is a team-based communication system that is suitable for short-range communication, while it can only function through an earset, and can operate as a hands-free device with no PTT keys. It is small as a business card, light and easy to carry around. Currently, this device is used widely as a sport referee communication device, as it is already used in Korea (K-League), India (Indian Super League), Thailand (Thai League T1) and other countries.
The ACRO-PRR can be viewed as an upgraded version of the ACRO-S, since it is also a hands-free device with no PTT keys, but can function through a speaker or an earset. It is equipped with a BT function, which can connect to a wireless PTT device, and supports built-in text message and GPS functions. It is suitable for team-based communication, such as for the police, firefighters and even special forces.
The ACRO-ANC is a unique product because it is a headset that is actually a radio system and there are no products in the world similar to this. It is equipped with an active noise cancellation function to help the user to communicate in noisy environments. It is suitable for airport and armored vehicle drivers.

Continuously Expanding the Sports
Referee Market
INSOPACK owns an authorized research institute and a production plant, and therefore has the capabilities to both develop and manufacture products itself. INSOPACK has customers in Asia, Europe, North America and even in Oceania. INSOPACK has participated in various Defense exhibitions, and is continuously expanding its share in the sports referee market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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