Smart Elevator Operating Panel[INQ. NO. 1912E32] The information delivery system of an elevator installed and operating currently in a building is only a simple information delivery function that a passenger in an elevator or a person waiting for an elevator has no choice but to understand at the moment when an elevator stops; in other words, using the number of the floor where an elevator stops. It limits satisfaction of an elevator users and efficient operation of an elevator.
The smart elevator operating panel of Jin Tech helps smart elevator operation, such as improvement of user satisfaction, crime prevention, fast moving and power saving, by making an elevator skip unnecessary floors by checking all floors where an elevator is expected to stop by displaying, in real-time, information on floors where an elevator stops on the internal/external operating panel. It helps prevent crime and quickly detects whether a person boards an elevator or not through the internal monitor installed on the operating panel on the outside of an elevator.

Smart Elevator Operating Panel
The elevator’s internal situation monitor can monitor a passenger’s situation through an internal situation monitor.
Therefore, it can prevent crime and improves satisfaction of a passenger by moving fast and saving power without operating an elevator unnecessarily (stop and start, opening and closing of an elevator door) due to boarding operation restrictions of people waiting on each floor caused by overcrowding of an elevator.
The elevator stopping floor information panel displays, in real-time, the information on floors where an elevator in operation stops. Therefore, it improves user satisfaction of passengers and people waiting for an elevator and leads to power-saving by restricting the unnecessary use of an elevator. The advertisement and notice monitor reflects today’s information-oriented society by providing an efficient information service to people waiting for an elevator.

Striving to foster the IT convergence industry
Jin Tech was established on April 12, 2013 as a one-man creation company developing IT convergence products with the business philosophy, “a leading company developing smart products.” Jin Tech developed “a smart elevator operating panel” and “a multisensory cognitive perceptual pegboard.” These products are higher value added products converging IT technology into existing products.
Jin Tech is trying to foster the IT convergence industry by commercializing these products by pioneering domestic/overseas blue ocean markets. For this, Jin Tech registered “the elevator operating situation cognizing system,” the patent on smart elevator operating panel, in Korea (10-13041741) and China (ZL 201280055850.0). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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