Smart Outdoor TV & Auto Tracking Satellite Antenna[INQ. NO. 1912E23] FALCON is an ICT venture company specialized in camping and leisure which was established in 1987 by developing the satellite broadcasting receiver products.
FALCON’s main business items are the smart outdoor TV and DIY auto tracking satellite antenna that consumers can install easily, which are attracting the spotlight in the market. In 2011, FALCON developed an all-in-one satellite TV and its security device for the first time in Korea. In 2015, FALCON also developed a DIY smart TV with GNSS, which can be used outdoors. FALCON has become a specialist in OEM/ODM and has customers in the USA, Europe and Asia.
FALCON is leading the market with its products developed by its creative technology based on the know-how coming from long experience. FALCON participated in the Korea-Canada IT Road Show 2018 held in the KOTRA Vancouver Trade Center and showed the outdoor antenna system for automatically tracking satellites, brightening the prospects of entering the Canadian market.

21.5-inch Multimedia Android TV System
With this 21.5-inch multimedia android TV system that can be used for camping or leisure activities, you can receive both DVB-S2 free satellite and HDTV ground-wave digital TV broadcasting simultaneously and enjoy Internet communication services like YouTube, Google, etc. by connection with the communication network. Anywhere smart TV is an all-in-one touch-screen TV for the next generation that can be used anywhere in the world, supporting 70 languages. Its automatic satellite positioner enables one to receive 170 free-to-air satellite broadcasts worldwide.
This product can also access free terrestrial broadcasts and the Internet , and thus provide additional functions, such as receiving IPTV and playing YouTube videos Wi-Fi, Miracast, hotspot access, and KODI with PVR. It is a DIY product for ordinary users and can be easily installed at home without any professional help.

Auto Skew Motorizing Potable Antenna
Using the GNSS global positioning system, you can receive satellite broadcasts by automatically tracking 170 broadcasting satellites throughout the world. It is a hypersensitive flat antenna for outdoor activities, which can track satellite automatically by scanning targets and is assembled with an LNB converter. This product is designed as an energy saving type to be suitably used outdoors.
This product is an auto skew motorizing portable flat antenna which recognizes azimuth, elevation angle and skew function automatically and can be sold in the market of the motor home, caravan and travel. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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