TrueGaze Mobile SDK[INQ. NO. 1912E35] TrueGaze Mobile SDK of VisualCamp is eye-tracking software that helps to easily develop iPhone-based applications utilizing eye-tracking technology. Such applications can be developed by using Swift stored in iOS and be activated in all smart devices with over iPhone 6S.
As the front camera embedded in iPhone is used, it is not necessary for a user to attach a separate camera, LED or another piece of hardware. Through the applications developed by utilizing TrueGaze Mobile SDK, anyone using iPhone App Store is able to experience eye-tracking functions.
TrueGaze Mobile SDK can be applied to various areas and methods, including eye-tracking mouse browsers for those with hand dysfunction, eye-scrolling applications for webtoon viewers in narrow subways and other special circumstances, eye-tracking mobile games, eye-analyzing applications that can sort out the interests and concerns of customers using video and shopping mall apps, and so forth.

TrueGaze Remote Kit
TrueGaze Remote Kit of VisualCamp is an eye-tracking module that is attached to tablets, PCs, etc.
This module consists of an IR camera and LED and is applied with VisualCamp’s algorithm specialized for mobile devices to implement a precise and swift eye-tracking function. TrueGaze Remote Kit is a micro module 6 cm in length, which is detachable and portable. The applied eye-tracking algorithm has a high degree of accuracy with the least margin of error of 0.4° in 60fps.
TrueGaze Remote Kit can be used as a tool for monitoring education, diagnosing diseases by examining eye patterns and analyzing video and advertisement effectiveness in various industrial Smart-tech sectors including Edu-tech, Med-tech, Ad-tech, etc.
In particular, it is able to analyze eye patterns of students who are studying with Smart tablets and report to their parents on their learning conditions and education effectiveness in quantitative analysis index, making it possible to suggest personalized learning schedules. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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