Zombie ZERO Inspector

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912E39] NPCore, Inc., as an APT and Ransomware defense solution company, defends the network and endpoint in a dual way.
Zombie ZERO Inspector N, NPCore’s network security solution, detects malware coming from outside through a pattern-based and virtual-machine behavior analysis method and then blocks or excludes it in order to protect internal users from unauthorized malware distribution servers, C&C servers and relevant IP and URL.
Through signature and behavior-based analyses conducted in three steps, known malicious codes and new or variant malware that is unknown and is not handled by existing vaccines are all traced and blocked in advance.
As for malicious codes that bypass networks, Zombie ZERO EDR that provides functions for preventing and monitoring file execution can double protect PCs and servers.
As the attacks of new malware including spear phishing, ransomware and others by email (over 70%) have sharply increased recently, NPCore is providing a solution that establishes a safe email security environment and manages various security issues at once by combining three functions of ZombieZERO Inspector E for blocking spam/virus emails, protecting outgoing emails, and defending APT/ransomware.
Through the combined single solution, the cost has been lowered and the management has become easier.
As IT-based cloud service is booming worldwide, NPCore is planning to cooperate with KT to develop and launch Zombie ZERO SECaaS, a next-generation security product, so that individual users and SMEs can conveniently and safely use this security product at a low price on a monthly-subscription basis.

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