Information Security Solutions[INQ. NO. 2001E06] Established in 2009, IJB Inc.’s main business fields are information security solutions development and applications, information security consulting, and forensic-based solutions development and application.
The company’s products are used by many global companies (Hyundai, Samsung, KIA, CJ, etc.) and Korean national agencies (Police department, etc.).
IJB employs a team with high qualifications who are well-equipped for performing their tasks, in accordance with the scope of responsibility and authority spelled out in their job specifications. Employees have the necessary education, skills and experience, and take the required specialized training courses.
Now three major products are leading the company’s sales and growth: Qator Live is an analysis program specialized for on-site investigation. The program’s capabilities are to examine directories, recover files, and analyze various data.
Qator Forensic provides rapid analyses that can be carried out automatically. Forensic investigations tend to be very time-consuming for analysts. The ability to conduct analyses more efficiently allows for the investigation of a greater number of incidents.
Qator Enterprise can conduct forensic analysis on remote multi- target systems at the same time. It is a digital data security inspection system that efficiently searches the cause of internal data or technology breaches, and prevents compliance and security incidents through additional inspection of target PCs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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