Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point and Wireless Communication Equipment

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryAll-in-One Product Integrated with ‘Wireless AP’ and ‘MESH’

[INQ. NO. 2001E04] NEXUSTECH manufactures outdoor Wi-Fi access point and wireless communication equipment as all-in-one devices.
Everyone can use high-speed Internet for free by utilizing laptops, smartphones, IoT, and wearable devices and also take advantage of public Wi-Fi expansion policies and increased demand for outdoor Wi-Fi with the development of the world’s best wireless network equipment. It is expected that it will contribute to securing national technology competitiveness by replacing imports of foreign products.
The NX1700, is the first product introduced in Korea whose speed of 1.7Gbps is faster than the existing maximum speed (1.3Gbps).
With the outdoor Wi-Fi access point 20 km away from the AP, it provides sufficient throughput over a wider area with fewer devices.
The recommended number of concurrent users is 512 per unit, and in densely populated areas where RF interference occurs, it enables data usage at high speed (up to 1.7Gbps).
The NX1700 is an all-in-one product that integrates Wireless AP and MESH, and can act as a MESH router, as well as providing an AP function.
It also provides customized service to match customers’ needs to the product.
One of the most differentiated technologies is the use of multi-hop optimization.
To improve 3HOP performance, NEXUSTECH uses three wireless channels (CH), each processed by each processor to improve efficiency and use integrated L2 switching to connect three independent RF modules.
Second, the NX1700 consists of four radios (wireless 1 -2.4G, wireless 2 5G).
Third, the NX1700 uses Openwrt, which offers many features found in advanced devices with more than 3,000 application packages, accordingly making it an ideal platform for the IoT Gateway or the smart city Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Lastly, it has competitive prices of 60% of those of major global brands.

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