Enterprise ICS Security Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2001E08] SnNetDiode is the first one-way transmission device in Korea with an under-control physical one-way transmission/receiving board that transmits data in one direction only from a secure area (control network) to a non-secure area (work network).
As a software perspective, nNetDiode is an inter-networked data transmission product that sends data in one direction only from the security area to the non-secure area. It gained recognition for and reliability by acquiring a first class (grade1) mark of domestic CC and GS certification. It satisfies the physical one-way transmission/receipt board verified by a certified evaluation institution from the hardware perspective.
nNetDiode is an enterprise ICS security solution that enables real-time monitoring of infrastructure control information across your business network without security threats or risks. It provides P-Series for processing large amounts of data in infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, power plants, water resources, and plants, and provides U-Series for processing small and medium-sized data.
NNSP is Korea’s leading cyber-security company developing and researching security-solutions, protecting corporations from cyber infringements in various fields—from government infrastructure (power plant, nuclear energy, railroad, airport, port, water and sewage, dam, etc.), to smart factory (semiconductor, oil refining, chemistry and steel industry), smart-city, smart hospital, national defense, finance, and crypto currency exchange markets – anywhere IT is involved.
Its core solution is “nNetDiode” transmitting data in one-way from security zone(IT) to non-security zone(OT), middleware in connection with service. It also provides the solution platform monitoring abnormal symptoms of OT network based on IoT security gateway and AI/Big data on premise or SaaS. NNSP’s vision is to grow as a smart-security specialized company catering for all-combined platforms based on AI/ big data technology.

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