x36 HD IP IR PTZ Outdoor Camera with Wiper

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2002E01] With 2M 1/1.8” Exmor CMOS image sensor, you can check high image quality and clear color images even in dimly lit environments. It also has the ability to provide low noise effect and outstanding noise reduction.
Zero deviation positioning technology is employed for ensuring high precision and accuracy in preset, never losing presets and group (patrol). High-precision, closed-loop stepper motors and gears provide accuracy, smoothness, stability and quietness of movements.

Micro-Step Technology
Due to the micro-step technology, on step angle is divided by 256. Accordingly, high accuracy as well as ultra-low sound noise (>32.5dB) can be achieved. Micro-step technology enables low speed down to 0.05˚/s.
Triple H/W codec enables transmission of up to three independent streams with different settings for different user requirements. Therefore, it is possible to combine seamless remote video monitoring using H.264/H.265 with simultaneous transmission to network video recorders. An x36 optical zoom, x32 digital zoom, excellent automatic focusing, and 5.8 ~ 210.0 mm focus range are available. Especially, since the aperture is F1.5~F4.8, it is possible to capture much better quality images than any other camera. With IP67 protection, the camera ensures normal operation regardless of rain, snow or storm.

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