Video Surveillance Solutions[INQ. NO. 2002E05] Hanwha Techwin highlighted its “Expansion of Secure Life” theme by showcasing some significant technological breakthroughs at Intersec, the world’s leading annual trade fair for the security and safety sectors, including the latest Wisenet AI lineup and up-to-date security solutions tailored to local demands of a diverse range of market sectors. At the company’s booth, attendees were given the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with Hanwha Techwin’s industry-leading products, solutions, and technologies that span across multiple sectors.

With “AI technology” establishing an indispensable role in the video surveillance industry, Hanwha Techwin demonstrated its latest state-of-the-art AI solutions. Equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine that detects and classifies people and vehicles in real time, Wisenet’s AI cameras are designed to accurately capture the unique attributes of objects such as faces and license plates, whilst reducing false alarms caused by waving trees, video noise, and even shadows. The Wisenet AI NVR lineup is the first Wisenet NVR to feature AI. This provides real-time monitoring and video backup up to 8K resolution and further enhances user convenience through the newly developed GUI.

Hanwha Techwin also touched on its optimized solutions across diverse vertical sectors including retail, transportation, plant, and banking. The company’s retail and transportation smart security offerings, in particular, grabbed the keen attention of attendees thanks to its experiential booths. The Wisenet Retail Insight v2.0 was one of them, providing business intelligence with age and gender-based people counting, heatmap and queue management features which are supported by Wisenet P series AI cameras. Meanwhile, the innovative Wisenet Transportation appliance (TAW-4000H16) is equipped with TMS (Transportation Monitoring System) for the efficient operation and management of larger sites.

In addition, the company introduced a broad range of Middle East-specialized solutions, one being the 16CH NVR(XRN-1610G), which boasts a built-in modem that permits seamless video and status transfer to a control center using 3G or 4G, allowing operators to remotely monitor multiple devices across long distances in real time. Moreover, since heavy industrial facilities such as gas pipelines, petrochemical plants, and oil refineries are potentially explosive, it is crucial that video surveillance systems used in such facilities pose zero risks of exploding, while capturing high-quality footage at the same time. Wisenet explosion-proof cameras more than meet these requirements, via powerful networks and a protective stainless-steel housing enclosure.

It was the perfect setting for Hanwha Techwin to present its new multi-directional camera (PNM-9085RQZ), hybrid recording solution (Pentabrid DVR), and 8K resolution camera (TNB-9000), which are ideal for monitoring large spaces such as stadiums or airports, whilst the company also emphasized the significance of building trust through cybersecurity policies. The company’s global network was also highlighted, underscoring the importance of its R&D center and production based at the company’s South Korean headquarters as it expands its worldwide network to over 16,000 partners across 100 countries.

“This year’s Intersec marked the beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade, too. We’re very proud to begin this new era by presenting to the world Hanwha Techwin’s state-of-the-art technologies that have been carefully developed to match the constantly evolving security and surveillance landscapes,” remarked a Hanwha Techwin representative. He added, “Based on our firm belief that trust remains an essential aspect of the industry, we will continue to improve our world-renowned core technologies while simultaneously introducing new revolutionary AI solutions and reinforcing our cybersecurity.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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