3D Medical Imaging Platform with MEDIP, ANATDEL and MDBOX

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2002E06] MEDICAL IP is a 3D medical imaging platform company providing customized precision medical services using AI- powered medical image analysis and 3D modeling/printing technologies. MEDICALIP has been leading paradigm shifts in medical platforms, firstly with MEDIP, AI-powered software with deep-learning and machine-learning algorithms to visualize 2D/3D anatomies, respectively, from CT or MRI. This was followed by the release of product lineups including ANATDEL, 3D medical printing service and MDBOX, a digital anatomy table.

MEDIP has drastically shortened 3D modeling time, and more technologies have been added and developed to enhance the functionality such as VR/AR, mobile communication service, and body composition analysis. ANATDEL, 3D-printed artificial organs, are very similar in size, texture, and elasticity to actual organs, so they are widely used for medical simulations of surgeons, education and practice of medical students, and testing medical devices. In particular, the demand for ANATDEL is expected to increase as a substitute for cadaver use.
MDBOX is a kiosk with a touch screen for a multidisciplinary medical decision-making process, optimized for surgical planning and reviewing. It also can be used in various medical facilities in the future as it can help patients or medical workers to better understand medical information.

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