Body Contouring Beyond Technology[INQ. NO. 2002E07] CLATUU ALPHA, designed to reduce the noninvasive subcutaneous fat layer, has a platform that could be equipped with easier and more various applicators than CLASSYS’ prior model called CLATUU, and thereby enabling the use of the suitable cup over all treatment areas of a patient.
Until now, seven kinds of applicators have been released, and each cup was manufactured with emphasis on aspect of design in order to maximize the effect. Each applicator is highly recognized for its convenience and safety for both user and patient.
CLATUU ALPHA successfully received a certification of medical Europe CE in June last year, and thus advancing into the global medical esthetic market in order to contribute to the reduction of the noninvasive subcutaneous fat layer.
Having established a strong global presence by specializing in medical aesthetics technologies since 2007, CLASSYS was founded with the sole purpose to deliver more comfortable and dynamic solutions to its growing base of consumers.
Keen to showcase its competitive portfolio of devices, CLASSYS commands an overseas outreach of innovation and customer support with market share positioning in over 55 countries including Europe, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and other prospective markets worldwide. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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