Body Composition Analyzer[INQ. NO. 2002E14] Founded in 1993, MEDIANA’s Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of medical devices, and it exports ODM as well as its own branded products to clients all over the world.
MEDIANA’s advanced body composition analyzer i30 provides an accurate analysis of body composition and body water distribution through multi-frequency measurement.
It measures the resistance value of cell membranes through an electric current impedance analyzing system. It accurately measures segmental body fat and muscle mass. It has a high correlation with the so-called gold standard devices such as DEXA, CT and isotope dilution analysis system. Top medical professionals have proven the clinical reliability of i30.

The on-screen scale imaging system enables more familiar, traditional analysis of body composition.
It focuses on more personalized user management based on diverse input interface, wireless data communication and DB management on its website. The ergonomically designed, rotatable hand electrodes allow the user to take a test with ease.
Mediana aims to become a truly global market leader in the medical equipment industry through continuous research and development investments, by developing new products such as monitor/ defibrillators, AEDs and patient monitors that form a major product line today. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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