Digital Radiography X-ray System[INQ. NO. 2002E16] DK Medical Solutions Co., Ltd. plans to present its latest premium digital X-ray equipment called Elin-T7 again following its initial presentation in last year at the upcoming KIMES 2020. This product was designed with know-how and experience in video image equipment.
It is equipped with an auto-position function that enables moving of the product to the desired location with just a one-time touch, so operators can easily use it. Thus, it is a far upgraded product in terms of users’ convenience, boasting sophisticated design and performance.
Moreover, the simultaneous drive of six axes makes it possible for the operator to check it more swiftly and easily. As a table in open style is available, it is easier for the operator to check a patient in a wheelchair.
Ever since it was founded in 1986, DK Medical Solution has been supplying various kinds of medical equipment and solutions used in the area of video medical fields. It has gained popularity among customers by precisely reflecting their needs. The company has focused its efforts on customers’ equipment management, without ceasing its sales efforts, by establishing a nationwide service network.
Moreover, DK Medical Solution leads the domestic digital X-ray market by unveiling its FPD-type DR INNOVISION based on the accumulated experience and know-how of the company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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