Robot Gait-Training System[INQ. NO. 2002E19] EXOWALK PRO+ LIFT is a robot gait-training system that enables stroke patients’ gait training in order to help their rehabilitation.
This equipment ensures far better gait training than the existing equipment, guaranteeing accurate gait patterns of each patient. When doing gait training, patients using Exoskeleton type can manage their gait by controlling their hip and knee.
Through ensuing ground gait, this equipment can give the effect of actual gait and create motivation for gait.

This equipment allows users to control the gait training speed by controlling gait speed, stride, and leg length. This regularly shows training time and training distance. This has a function that allows patients to train themselves in their original location. Patient can manually adjust the body width.
With a joystick, patients can enjoy gait training by personally adjusting the exact function that they want to use. This equipment requires far less time in the setting and separating patients from itself. This has a simple UI allowing easier use of it.

Made with pure Korean technology, this product has been commercialized through a reliability assessment by an accredited institution, certification of medical device before the Food and Drug Administration, and usability assessment and clinical tests by actual users. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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