High Frequency Heating Device for Cancer Treatment (Celief)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2002E22] Dongseo Medicare’s “Celief” is a high frequency heating device for cancer treatment. The high frequency hyperthermia treatment is a cancer treatment that uses a high frequency of 13.56MHZ to heat targeted areas of the body to a temperature of 42°C(107.6°F) or more to kill cancer cells.
HFHT works to augment and improve the effects of chemotherapy. This device increases blood flow, metabolism and the effects of medication. This relieves pain and increases the patient’s quality of life.
This acquired IEC60601-1, edition 3.1 product safety classification for the first time in Korea. This is equipped with a 10.4-inch LCD touch monitor. Comfortable treatment is possible with waterbed (20°C-40°C, 68°F-104°F). This device ensures patient stability by using a convenient patient controlled remote control. This is user-friendly medical device with an ergonomic design.
“Celief” has been continuously manufactured and supplied to nursing homes nationwide since the establishment of laboratory in 2015.

Dongseo Medicare Co., Ltd. is specialized in sales of medical equipment and devices. Since its establishment, Dongseo Medicare has been selling CT, MRI, X-ray as well as ultrasound imaging system, breast biopsy devices, laparoscopic surgical instruments to different levels of medical institutions including major university hospitals such as Seoul National University hospital and Severance hospitals, which shows that it has a good relationship and strong bond with them.

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