Clean Mat[INQ. NO. 2002E36] The main product of the company, AIR MAX-Clean mat, is a mat manufactured by supplementing the problems of the sticky mat, which is widely used, and is a product that prevents harmful substances from entering the room by suctioning various foreign substances such as fine dust and sand at the bottom of the shoes and by suctioning water on the bottom of the shoes even in rainy or snowy weather.
When a person approaches or steps on the mat, the sensor detects it and the dust collector operates and generate a vacuum. Much of the dust is sucked in from the stepping area, automatically stops operating after the person passes the mat and all the harmful substances that are sucked inside the mat are collected in a dust bag inside the dust collector.

The automatic valve of the mat applied with the flow path technology inflows surrounding air into the mat when the dust collector is operated and sucks unpurified external air and has an air purifying function to purify the surrounding air by discharging the purified air primarily through the dust bag and secondly through the HEPA filter to make the interior much cleaner and more comfortable, in addition, the BLDC motor can be used for a long time (4,000 hours) and for longer periods, which is superior in economic terms.

AIR MAX-Clean mat is durable due to no wear of its bearings and does not lose suction power even for long time use and is easy to manage. It can also be manufactured in the desired size, such as for clean rooms, access floors and gates. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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