Light-load HD PTZ Camera System[INQ. NO. 2003E04] With the 2M 1/1.9”CMOS image sensor, you can check high image-quality and clear color images even in a dimly-lit environment. It also has the capability of powerful low noise effect and outstanding noise reduction.
The x36 optical zoom, x12 digital zoom, excellent automatic focusing, and 5.8 ~ 210.0 mm focus range are respectively supported. Especially, since the aperture is F1.5~F4.8, it is possible to acquire better image quality than with any other camera.
Triple H/W codec enables transmission of up to three independent streams with different settings for different requirements. Therefore, it is possible to combine seamless remote video monitoring using H.264/H.265 with simultaneous transmission to a network video recorder.

Due to the Micro-step technology, on step angle is divided by 256. Accordingly, high accuracy as well as ultra-low sound noise can be achieved. Micro-step technology enables ultra-low speed down to 0.05°/s. With IP66 protection, this camera ensures normal operation regardless of rain, snow or storm. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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