Body Contouring EMS Device (LEBODY FORM)[INQ. NO. 2003E13] Since its founding of GTG Wellness in 1999, the innovative technology of GTG Wellness has been admitted in both domestic and foreign countries regarding quality and technology, so the products are exported worldwide such as to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania to become a pioneer of the beauty industry. The company has been manufacturing and distributing equipment for clinics, and recently the company has been developing and distributing handy devices based on our know-how and experience acquired from hospitals and doctors.
The company is investing in R&D with the goal of developing at least one or two new devices that have needs for products in a year. In Korea, our handy devices are being sold continuously through home shopping and its own distribution networks, and the LEBODY brand is being engraved on the consumer´s mind with endless marketing.
LEBODY FORM is a body contouring EMS device using Mid-frequency, which helps for strengthening muscles and relieving clumped muscles. LEBODY FORM stimulates muscle cells with electricity at regular intervals and facilitates muscle contraction and release, so LEBODY FORM helps for strengthening muscles, improving skin elasticity and relaxing stiff muscles. Besides LEBODY FORM stimulates bio-current so that it improves metabolic blood circulation and relieves muscle pain.
There are “gym” mode and “slim” mode, and six intensities per each mode. Slim mode is more powerful due to beat frequency. Users can choose mode and intensity depending on their preference. It is recommended to use 10 minutes once, and there is no need to check the time since the device turns off automatically after 10 minutes. LEBODY FORM’s compact size and light weight allow it to be used anytime and anywhere wirelessly. It can be easily charged via USB cable.
A proximity sensor is attached to the bottom of the product, so even if the device is turned on, it will not work if it is dropped from the skin, so it can be used safely.
LEBODY FORM has sold over 30,000 pcs in Korea per year, and it is still a steady seller. In Germany, LEBODY FORM has sold over 3,000 pcs per TV shopping broadcast. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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