Ultra-low Temperature Freezer For Laboratory

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2003E18] Unique Daesung Co., Ltd. has recently released another innovative CUF series of laboratory ultra-low temperature freezers.
This new product is convenient to use and can utilize the space efficiently. It is a dual cooling system of independent structure to provide high cooling performance and the best safety for storage of samples and two independent refrigeration systems offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace.
The main body, robustly foamed with 120mm thick polyurethane, can exert the best insulation performance to block the loss of chilly air.

Temperature is maintained at least on -70 degrees C all the time due to the independent cooling system even though a compressor is broken down.
It is possible to install a chart recorder with excellent readability.
The USB data port basically provided enables the user to easily check the operation situation data on the product in diverse types such as annual, monthly, daily, hourly units.
The system can speedily recover the set temperature within a few minutes after some chilly air has been lost due to opening of its door to protect the articles in custody safely.
The inside of the refrigerator has a uniform temperature distribution in normal operation conditions so that the articles in custody can be stored at an exact set temperature.
The low noise endures a comfortable laboratory space.
The polyurethane insulation maintains the best insulation performance, and the opening of only the necessary parts can minimize exposure of samples to the outside.
Unique Daesung Inc. has contributed to the development of the freezer and refrigerator industries that have been changing dramatically by utilizing the newest facilities and automation systems as a leader of the industry in Korea.

As a top-notch manufacturer, it provides its products to locally renowned food suppliers, convenience stores, franchise restaurants, cafes, and so forth.
Since its founding in 1985, based on its manufacturing and producing know-how, it has worked hard to satisfy various needs of customers. In particular, by providing thorough after-care service, it is striving to offer the best service. The company is committed to continuing to come up with better and more convenient products through differentiated technology.

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