Resistive RH Sensor Module[INQ. NO. 2004E05] SY-HS-25 series, a resistive humidity sensor, is composed of a very durable resistive sensor and a thermistor for temperature compensation and offers cost-competitiveness and convenience for humidity measurement.
This module uses specially consolidated polymer and is designed for industrial environments that include both temperature environment (-20~85˚C) and humidity environment with dew condensation and gases. In addition, it can be used without calibration so that replacement of the sensor is easy and convenient.

Dew Sensor

SY-DS-1 Series, dew sensor, is a resistive type sensor which detects condensation risk in advance. The sensor only responds to high humidity environments regardless of temperature environment, and it is a switch-type sensor with an impedance value that changes abruptly in a high humidity environment.
It has an excellent reaction rate, no temperature dependence, and is water resistant, easy to implement, and simple to use. Two types of the product are available upon request.

Resistive RH Sensor

The industrial-grade, resistance-type humidity sensor, SYH-2R, offers cost-effective and convenient humidity measurement.
While maintaining the attractive features such as no-calibration requirement and high interchangeability of a resistive-type humidity sensor: SYH-1, SYH-2R widens the scope of applications to home appliances, HVAC, and automobiles.
Coated with patented polymer, SYH-2R can be used in demanding environments (-20°C~85°C) with frequent condensing and chemical vapors.
SYH-2R can be directly connected to µ-com with ADC or RFC converting resistance changes to either voltage or frequency. It can also be modularized to voltage output with oscillator. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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