CCTV Security App of CCTVs for the safety of individuals, business establishments, and even governmental public organizations is on the rise.
However, there isn’t sufficient security for CCTV, and hacking has led to continuous instances of video information being exposed.
It is advised for the user to determine whether an attack has been made on the wired/wireless network that the CCTV is connected to or if there is a high possibility of an attack due to weak points in the CCTV, and inspects the overall security status.

The user can diagnose the danger level by monitoring the safety level of password for CCTVs connected to the network, if there has been infection with malignant code, and vulnerability of a device itself.
This solution helps creating base environment for safe use of CCTV by providing security guideline based on detailed reason for the specified danger level and password, new malignant codes, updates, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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