Ionizer Alkaline Water

[INQ. NO. 2005E13] This device, called Ioncare 9000, generates alkaline water with pH 8.5 to 10.0 through electrolysis that is helpful in improving major stomach ailments such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation within the stomach, and hyperacidity.
The previous transformer method lacks power stability posing difficulty in pH realization; however, the Ioncare Series has applied the SMPS method, allowing it to improve the stability of power and to allow accurate pH realization.
In addition, even if it uses the same SMPS method, unlike the other company products that use approximately 150W, the usage of 250W power enables the generation of high purity alkali water and the sustainability of the alkali water.
Despite the fact that the pH of raw water differs according to the environment of each region, there are cases whereby the pH that suits the respective raw water cannot be generated, but Ioncare Series allows the current to be adjusted to 240 stages, thereby generating stable alkali water.
The performance and effect of this technology has been proven outstanding overseas, such as in China and Europe in particular, where the degree of raw water is high.
The majority of domestic water ionizers mainly use 3~5 layers of electrode plates, so once the water ionizer is used for about 1~2 years, there are cases where the electrolysis performance declines and the sustainability of alkali water after generation declines.
The Ioncare Series uses a bigger size electrolyzer when compared to the electrode plates of other companies’ products and it has been designed to expand the performance of the electrode plates. It also extends the lifespan with high purity alkali water and white gold coating, and variable application up to a maximum of nine layers is possible.
By using a 5”-large color LCD, which cannot be found in other companies’ products, consumers are able to distinguish the stage of alkali water that is being discharged at one glance.
The valve method caused inconvenience to consumers using it, but the Ioncare Series has been applied with the Touch-Sensor method thereby making it more user-friendly. In addition, the user is informed with a voice of touching buttons and error occurrences and all status within the water ionizer, thus making it more user-friendly for the elderly and children.
If water within the electrolyzer is stagnant after generation of alkali water, germs will propagate and scales will form no matter how well it is cleaned.
The Ioncare Series not only automatically cleans the electrolyzer after generation of alkali water, but also has been designed to automatically discharge the remaining water, resolving hygiene issues as well as expanding the lifespan of the electrolyzer. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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