Temperature Monitoring System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2005E15] OTMS is the acronym of Optical-fiber Temperature Measurement System, and the terms shares the same concept of DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) which many companies of the same type of business mostly use, and the products that have been developed with the company’s own technology.
OTMS is a patented trademark of IAM Co., Ltd., and it requires prior cooperation if you want to use the relevant brand name.
OTMS is sensing technology using the reflecting scattered light occurring within optical fiber, and features a new measuring system of temperature distribution. This can measure thousands of temperature distributions in a lump abandoned to the optical fiber, just by pulling one optical fiber strand for communication into the facility.
It is a system that has solved with one go the problem of measuring only partial temperature with the use of the existing Point Sensor (Thermocouple, RTD-Resistance Temperature Detector; thermo resistor).
This is an epoch-making system to easily and economically measure thermal distribution of an entire facility, installed for a long distance or widely, by using optical cable as sensor and fulfilling the role of sensor, transmitter, transmission, and power supply for optical cable itself simultaneously.
IAM Co., Ltd. is specialized in the new technology to measure temperature using optical fiber cable and using mobile technology for the facility management. The company is committed to providing high-quality customer service at low cost, and ensuring fast delivery time to grow together with its customers.
Its solution is to develop a culture of responsibility and preservation of the enterprise based on its own unique managemetn spirit and to foster the conditions to provide the best maintenance service.
Rather than merely providing automated tasks or control of cost, it creates new knowledge, strengthens the internal constitution of the company, and broadens the scope of the company’s business field by providing the strategic method to fulfill the innovative management of the company.

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