Converter-embedded T8 LED TUBE Lamp[INQ. NO. 2006E09] Established in 1987, SAMJIN LND Co., Ltd. has been growing into a globally recognized company based upon 32 years of accumulated precision-mold technologies. With consistent investment in technology development and quality management, SAMJIN LND, as a major provider of various types of industry parts used in displays, secondary batteries, and OA, etc., has been positioned as a leader in its field.

SAMJIN LND started its LED lighting business since 2009 and grew into Korea’s representative total LED-lighting products provider while supplying everything, from home/office lights – to industrial high-power floodlights, special explosion-proof lighting, road lighting, and smart system lighting, by utilizing its excellent optical technology and precision-mold technology.
Targeting global markets this year, SAMJIN LND released its advanced T8 LED tube lamp, a converter-embedded style product, by using its manufacturing technology know-how and specialized technology accumulated over the past 12 years. The newly revealed product features requirement of low-consumption electricity (12.5W), high quality, and reasonable price.
Any user can easily install this competitive converter-embedded T8 LED tube lamp after such easy operations as removing lamp and stabilizer and AC-connecting directly to the LED lamp, utilizing the existing fluorescent lighting fixtures (base size: T8, G13) installed in offices, households, and commercial buildings.

The T8 LED tube lamp takes advantage of having a more stable operating driver and low ratio of failure rate, compared to existing compatible lamps.
The T8 LED tube lamp has a superior color-rendering index: 1,800lm of brightness and more than Ra80 (R9>10) of high optical efficiency. It has a super lifespan, guaranteeing over 17 million times of use. Through use of the nation’s major brand of LED chips and operation driver, the tube lamp performs the highest level of stability and high reliability.
SAMJIN LND’s converter-embedded T8 LED tube lamp is thus a very prominent LED-lighting fixture with the advantage of ensuring noticeably decreased expenses for maintenance, featuring low electricity (12.5W) consumption, high optical efficiency, longer lifespan, and reasonable prices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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