Air Freshener & Hand Sanitizer[INQ. NO. 2006E14] Hankook Towel Machine’s air freshener is a high-grade fragrance container that works well with the surrounding environment. It operates as a battery without a separate power supply and can control the spraying interval to 7,15, and 30 minutes. The UV coating does not cause discoloration, so it can be used like the first purchase.
The perfume is made to be widely sprayable to the outlet from the fragrance. It is also easy to check the replacement time of the battery. A lock type key is applied to prevent the contents from being lost or stolen.
Two AA batteries are inserted into the space for the batteries needed for operation.

Hankook Towel Machine’s HTM-627 hand sanitizer is an essential product for hygienic hand care and maintenance of cleanliness by using the best disposable hand sterilizer container. This product effectively removes 99.9 percent of germs present on the hands and effectively prevents various infectious diseases. It is a disposable exclusive hand disinfector that can be used effectively without any residual amount of contents by a soft push-button method with modern design and a maintenance check window on the front side. The UV coating does not cause discoloration, so it can be used like the first purchase.
Checking the cycle of hand disinfection gel change is easy. Any user can easily use this product by lightly pressing the push button on the front. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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